May 21, 2013

From the Archives...

Day 21 of The Challenge.  (Yes, I've skipped a bunch.  You're not actually counting, are you?)  Today's prompt is to include a list of links to your favorite posts from your archives.

This was interesting and fun to do.  It was also somewhat embarrassing, to go back to the early years, when I really wasn't sure what I was doing with this space.  It kinda makes me want to delete this blog and start from scratch.  But then there are a lot of nice comments, pretty pictures, and good memories hidden within too.

Who I Am - I often take my inspiration from other bloggers, as I did with this one.  If you're new to my blog, this post will give you a little glimpse of me.

Perception is Reality?  Many bloggers have probably expressed this sentiment more eloquently, but it's an important topic and one that we should remember.

The Chaos Theory - Keeping it real.  Being a mom is hard.

Home Is... - A little more about my part of the world.

A Few Notes... - I should write posts like this one more often.  One of the main reasons I blog is to stay optimistic and to look at life in a positive way.  This post definitely did that for me.  I started saying thank you in my head a lot.

Family... - Sometimes it's nice to use the blog as a way of expressing feelings you might not otherwise say out loud often enough.  And it's nice when the people who read it understand and relate.

Italy - I love when my posts from Italy (and Paris!) pop up.  The pictures bring me back to that beautiful countryside, drinking wine, eating pasta, and swimming with my boys.

Things I've Learned - This is my favorite of all the Things I've Learned posts I've written.  I read these and am reminded of things that are easy to forget sometimes.

The Juggling Act - This is really the essence of what my blog has been about, especially those first few years.  I was working full-time, raising babies, trying to maintain and create friendships, and otherwise keep up with the chaos of life.  I needed to focus on the positives to get through it.  I'm taking a break now, and the kids are no longer babies, so life is dramatically calmer.  That said, there's always chaos from time to time, isn't there?


  1. It's interesting looking back isn't it....never delete though, although I have felt like that too!! It's all part of the journey :)

  2. Hello - this makes me feel like I should look back. Sometimes I really do use my blog like a journal and check what I was doing this time last year for example. It helps me to see how things have changed or stayed the same. I remember certain things about when I first started reading your blog though - that you are in Boston and that is a special place to me as my husband and I spent time there when we were first together. And you once wrote about when you first read my blog and how I talked about 'getting things in the post' which is such a British statement!! How funny to think back! Lou x

  3. Loved reading the Things I've Learned and Family posts. We too are halfway around the world from our families. It will be great to see them this summer for a few weeks, but i know I'll be more than happy to head back to my 'home' afterwards. That's the thing about living so far away, you can't do just those short visits / weekends when you get soe fun time together in a short burst - it has to be a couple of weeks to make the trip (and expense) worth while.

    Happy Tuesday.


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