September 8, 2011


I promise I'll stop posting about my vacation soon.  Really.  I am having a lot of fun going through the pictures and thinking about the fun we had (and I'm already able to laugh at the hard parts).

Our villa was about ten minutes from a town called Radda.  We hadn't heard anything about Radda and therefore had no expectations of it, other than we knew it had a grocery store and a recommended pizza place.  Turns out, it's a really gorgeous town with a lot to offer!  Lecchi was a village even closer by, and it had a cute pub, market, and an awesome restaurant.

Just a few highlights to remember:
  • There was a great playground - especially towards the end of our week, it was great to limit the driving and stay closer to the house.  The boys loved the playground, and we got a chance to walk around the town a bit.
  • The best pizza we had was in Radda at a place appropriately called "Pizza Pie".  Seriously, seriously good pizza.  
  • The best meal we had was in Lecchi.  The restaurant had garden seating, and it was right next to a little park, so when the boys were finished and got restless, they were able to go run around while we finished our meal and enjoyed our wine.  Really amazing food, great wine, and just a nice time.  


  1. Your photographs of Italy are lovely, don't stop posting them. It looks and sounds like you had a really super holiday.

  2. I think all restaurants should have playgrounds outside. :] And now I want pizza.


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