September 13, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration and House Update

Well, we had another design meeting about our future renovation.  It was all fun and excitement until we started talking money.  Then my head started to hurt.  Later that morning, I found myself looking at houses online, because surely it would make more sense to buy a new house instead of spending so much to fix up this one?  Alas, I reconfirmed an irrefutable fact:  Houses are really freaking expensive here.  Once the initial shock wore off, I told them they had to simplify the plans a bit in order to reduce the cost.  We're meeting again at the end of the month.

The cost sucks, but I'm trying to remain focused on the fact that we want to make this old house a home. A place we will love to be.  So putting the cost aside, the plans are very exciting.  We have a lot of decisions to make.  For example, the current plans have a traditional island in the middle of the kitchen.  Due to lack of real estate, the stove will be in the island.  The other alternative, though, is to go with a u-shaped layout, similar to the one above, except the stove would be facing the seating area and the refrigerator would be on the other side.  I'm thinking we'll stick with the original plans, but now I'm considering...

Other things I like about this kitchen:  the stools (definitely going with something like these), and the microwave cabinet.  Where do you have your microwave?  I want to get mine off the countertop, but I'm running out of cabinet space!

Much, much more to come in the adventures of House Renovation 2012...


  1. I think stove in the island is a bonus. its great to cook and face your island guests...can you have a bar on the island? oh i can't wait to see where you take it all! let me know if you want a rejuv hookup for hardware/lights - no promises, but i'd be happy to ask!

  2. ps - we don't have a microwave...but may add one like

  3. A Rejuvenation hookup?! Um, yes please! I'll let you know when we get to that stage. Certainly worth asking!

    I am always a little in awe of people who live without a microwave, especially with babies. We went without one for a while after our old one died, and it was more difficult than I thought it would be. I guess it's what you get used to...

  4. Wow that is a lovely kitchen! My (much smaller!) kitchen is in desperate need of renovation but as you say, the cost is so offputting. But also as you say, house prices are even more so! heheh.

    PS. I want to get my microwave off the benchtop too! I quite like the look of them when they are set into the wall. I thought of getting rid of it altogether but realised that it is quite handy from time to time so will probably stick with it :)

    PPS. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, too.

  5. That's a GORGEOUS photo! Love it. Our microwave is above our oven and it looks like a double oven. The door pulls down instead of to the side. It's bigger than a traditional microwave, though. I think I might just prefer to have a double oven. But we don't have any counter space for the micro either. Major space issues in our tiny city kitchen. Good luck with the reno and the budget. Yuck.

  6. So exciting! But I totally get it. It's stressful. I don't regret a single thing though, so go for it!! One of my favorite aspects of our layout is the little cubby in the island that houses the microwave. It's just a nook with an outlet. We kept our little old microwave, so we saved (a tiny bit) by not replacing or doing a built in. There's enough space to have my cutting boards leaned up beside it. It is quite functional.

    Can't wait to hear more!


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