September 9, 2011


Due to delays in Florence, and a little hurricane back home, we were forced to spend a few extra days in Europe.  In order to get back a few days earlier, we chose to fly to Paris and spend a couple days there before heading home.  It was an expensive little detour, my kids were exhausted, and I was down to my last diaper.  But a couple days in Paris?  I'll take it.


  1. You are one brave traveller Mary....all that travelling with little ones!! Great photos of Paris, I bet it was pretty hot there too, it usually is in Paris.

    Loved your comment about staying in Eze, isn't it beautiful, the views are just spectacular.

    Happy Friday to you :)

  2. What a perfect ending, my favourite city, I'm sure your children loved it.

  3. twist your arm, right mary?
    at least you made the best of it, and you could have been stuck in, say, detroit. iy yi yi, that happened to me once.


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