September 6, 2011

San Gimignano

Let's start by saying that I've already blocked out the ride to this adorable town.  And now that I'm sitting in a nice cool house, I can imagine it wasn't quite as scorching hot as it was.  San Gimignano is a very quaint old village, containing 14 large towers like the ones you see above.  Centuries ago, at its peak, there were 72 towers!  Can you imagine?  How intimidating it must have been to look up the hill at all those towers.  

The gelato was especially appreciated on such a hot day.  We walked through the village, seeking out the shade whenever possible.  We perused the shops and purchased new wallets, as well as little toy motorcycles for each of the boys.  Those proved to be very popular for the rest of the trip.  Later that week, we discovered that the white wine in our fridge was made here! 


  1. hi there.

    ooh it must be so hot there. i admire you for doing it at this time of year, and with a little one?
    are you guys driving, by train?
    we toured northern italy by train so didn't get to visit little towns, on the main ones, like Firenze, etc.
    i can't wait to return to Italy, thanks for sharing your trip.

  2. Kittymac9.9.11

    Oh sis, I want to sit with you and a bottle of wine and talk about Italy. But suffice it to say we adventured to San G. also, and had one of the most quaint wonderful homemade lunches there in a little (literally!) hole in the wall restaurant. The 10 of us filled the place! And, we had gelato at that same place!! :)


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