September 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

Ah, September.  How I do adore September.  The beginning of warm days and cool nights, crisp air and clear blue skies.  We decided to celebrate the beginning of this glorious month by heading back up to Maine for a couple days.  Yes, I know we just got home from a big trip, and we were all still very tired, but it was still very worth doing.  Nothing compares to the joy I see on my boys' faces when they are playing at the beach. 

I was so grateful for that extra day this weekend.  We came home on Sunday, which allowed us to have a full day of being at home.  No plans, except several more loads of laundry.  We all needed it, and we all appreciated being able to hang out.  The boys rode their bikes, played with bubbles, threw frisbees....they just played.  I played with them, and I also continued to put our house back in order.  Suitcases away for a while. 

Now that we're home, my mind has shifted its focus towards the upcoming fall and winter seasons.  I am deciding on Halloween costumes, thinking about holiday plans, and looking forward to a homemade apple pie sometime very soon. 


  1. I'm really excited about fall.. except I', going to need some time to transition. It was 100+ last week.. then I woke up yesterday to 70 and it felt cold.

  2. Great photos!! I am also sooo looking forward to the cooler months..yeay for fall!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! You can never go wrong with a trip to the beach! :)

  4. I love 'free' days Mary.. Yours sounds perfect! Love your photos!

    Jeanne xxx

  5. Halloween costumes, holiday plans, & apple pie. I'm right there with you :) (especially re the apple pie part).


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