September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap and Goals

Ah...another gorgeous Fall weekend in New England.  It's not even technically Fall yet, but it certainly feels like it.  We actually had to turn our heat on this weekend!  It's getting down to "brrrr" temperatures at night now, and the days are getting very noticeably shorter, but the days are still beautiful.  Warm, happy sun.

Highlights from the weekend:
*We met friends at the farmer's market, and the boys ran around with their friends while we bought veggies.  *The friends joined us at home for lunch and more playtime.  
*Saturday night Date Night!  We enjoyed a long, leisurely dinner.  It had been too long, so we ordered drinks, appetizers, dinner, and desserts...relishing an intimate, kid-free dinner.  Oh, and I had lobster gnocchi with truffle oil, and it was divine.  
*We went to a 10 o'clock movie - can't remember the last time we did that either.  And we both stayed awake! 
*We got a lot done around the house.  Boring stuff, but stuff that feels good to have done.  Meanwhile, the boys played and enjoyed the outdoors.
*I stayed up way too late watching the Emmys.  Why do I do this?  I always regret it the next day when I have to get out of bed, and yet I can't resist award shows.  I love seeing my favorites get recognized for being awesome.  I was so happy for Kyle Chandler (I've always loved him, and really loved Friday Night Lights), and Modern Family, and Kate Winslet (Is it wrong to admit that I might be just a tad in love with her?), and those comedic actresses (They had me crying tears of laughter when they all went up on stage).  Do you get sucked into award shows too?

Goals for this week:
1.  More kickboxing.  Kickboxing has been my exercise of choice lately, with a side dose of yoga.  I love how sore my butt is as a result.  
2.  Get my car fixed.  Did I mention I was rear-ended the day after returning from vacation?  Welcome back to reality.  Bleh.
3.  Line up another date-night.  Really, it had been too long, and I was reminded how important they are.
4.  Figure out what to be for Halloween.  We were invited to a Halloween party this year - costumes required.  I love the joy of Halloween for kids, but I loathe the pressure of Halloween for adults, and I hate dressing up.  So if you have any ideas for what my husband and I can dress up as, suggestions are greatly appreciated.
5.  Start looking at holiday cards.  It feels early, but it always creeps up on me, and I'd rather not wait until the last minute. 


  1. I have a bottle of truffle oil in my cupboard that I have no idea what to do with. I need to get on that. :]

    Yesterday I was just thinking about how fun Halloween will be for us this year, now that Emma is a little older and she has an opinion on what she wants to dress up as. (And she likes candy. :\)

  2. I love that I have new blogger friend (other than Michelle, at Pretty Mommy) that is also in love with FNL (and Kyle Chandler!!!).

    I do feel bad for Connie Britton though (I even added this to my post). That would've been really cool to see them both honored.

    BTW, don't know why it's taken me so long to follow you (I have your blog saved in a file in my inbox, so I usually just view from there!), but I'm finally following!! :)

  3. Date night sounds like a really super idea! I know what you mean about the Holidays, as October approaches you begin a mental countdown!


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