September 29, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

images by Meaghan Taylor via Made By Girl
My friend Sara sent me a link to this great post highlighting a kitchen renovation.  It's a great kitchen that incorporates a lot of the same design elements we'll be using.  I like the mix of open and closed cabinets, and the way they handled the corner cabinets.  I just wish I had space to put my oven in a wall somewhere!  

I especially loved being able to see the "before" pictures, which are not unlike my own.  Part of the fun of home renovation is being able to celebrate just how far you've come.  I love looking back at our own "before" pictures, like our kid's bath, master bathliving roomofficefront porch, and even the yard.  I will still complain about my kitchen until I am able to use my new one, but at least I can remind myself and appreciate how far this house has come.   

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