November 22, 2009

Living Room - Before and After

We still have some decorating to do, but the change is so dramatic that I couldn't wait any longer to post some pics. It feels like a brand-new room!

This first picture is from the first time we visited the house, so this is how it looked when we moved it (minus all the previous owner's stuff of course).

And this is how it looks today. Bright walls, a gas fireplace, built-in shelves/cabinets. Most importantly, NO MORE PINK!

It's fabulous. Now we'll have fun trying to find something just right to display on that mantle. What a fun dilemma.


  1. love it! what a huge change!!! it is looking awesome! can't wait to see what goes on that mantle! and how awesome to have it looking so good in time for xmas! hang those stockings on friday (once thanksgiving is over)! good work.

  2. Oh, I will soooo miss those sage curtains! :(
    Seriously, this calls for a celebration. Are you free on the 19th? ;) Looks sooooo great!


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