September 12, 2011

Settling Down...

joy williams, photo credit: allister ann

Since coming back from vacation, I've found it very difficult to get back into our normal routine.  I guess the routine sorts itself out, but personally I haven't felt settled.  Our vacation was less relaxation and more adventure, the travel itself was exhausting, and because we were delayed coming home, we had to jump head first back into work/school without any time for reentry.  The next weekend was a quick and fun trip to Maine, but it again thwarted real time to decompress.  Only now, a week and a half later, am I starting to feel the pieces come back together.  We're not quite there yet, though.  I still have piles of stuff throughout the house that need to be sorted, and my mind seems to be churning too fast to be still.

I've also been getting sucked into the vast internet black hole.  I love my blog, and pinterest, and facebook, but it can be a bit too consuming at times.  I have to remind myself to limit my online time and make sure I'm using it in a fulfilling way.  There is lots of inspiration out here in the blogosphere, so I don't mind spending time reading here, but again, it needs to be limited.  After this post back in the Spring, I did a "reader cleanup", and the result was wonderful.  The number of blogs started creeping back up, so I just went out and cleaned it up again - perhaps it's one of those things I'll need to do a couple times a year.  Now, what I find in my reader is beautiful - inspiring, entertaining, full of content, like-minded people...  

Good reminders...via Dear Inspiration

Thankfully, the weekend was a quiet one.  Just me and my boys, at home.  We did venture out - to a town festival on Saturday and apple-picking at the farm down the road on Sunday.  But those are small events, easy enough to leave the mind uncluttered with planning and preparing.  Otherwise, we just hung out and played.  The usual bubbles, bikes, and balls.  The weather was typical September gorgeousness - clear blue skies, warm in the sun, cool in the shade.  Perfection.  I felt us all soak in the quiet, the routine, even the sleep; and as a result, we were all in the most pleasant moods.   Let's hope we can all carry them into the coming week.

photo by Sarah Maingot, via 


  1. I need to take a little break from the internet. It seems so overwhelming at times. I should clean up my reader too, but I feel bad unfollowing people, so I tend to just ignore posts that show up in my reader. :\

    I've been spending way too much time on pinterest lately. It's a black hole, indeed.

  2. Hi - I know just what you mean; we got back at similar times and it took me over a week to even unpack the suitcases! Now I am getting into the swing and have thrown a complete spanner in the works by getting the pup! I figure it's good for me to challenge my controlling side!
    Interesting what you said about the web - I agree and I too had to clear my list - after working out how on earth to do it on the new blogger platform. Ugh. I am really conscious that I blog quite sporadically and I feel bad about that....but when there is stuff going on it's hard to take time out to do it. Plus - do you find that sourcing images take an age? When crediting atleast - and I know that is the right way but it does make blogging seem like more of a chore sadly. Anyway - won't open up that debate again or you will get inundated with comments! Take care, Lou x

  3. I also find it so difficult to get back into the groove after vacation! I just got back yesterday and the last thing I want to do is clean house, study or go to work! - Alyssa

  4. I love those reminders. Sometimes it's so easy to fall into the internet/TV/junk food ruts. Nice to remember the best parts of life.

  5. Mary - love your blog! Was sent your way from daily mayhem, a good friend of mine. I have 2 little ones (3 and 4), love to read, summer veggies, cooking, and beautiful things in general. Have found lots of inspiration from your blog, so wanted to leave a comment! Am just starting your latest book recommendation - can't wait!! Kristen from Chicago

  6. I feel as if I could've written this myself (the 'black hole' part).

    Before- and especially after coming back from our summer vacation, I went through the same process. It was getting to be 'too much.'

    Feels good to streamline and be in control of the time we spend... the information (inspiration) that we take in on a daily basis.


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