September 1, 2011


I should warn you now.  There are a lot of pictures.  An impossible amount of beauty to capture, and I didn't even scratch the surface, since I didn't have a lot of time to focus on taking pictures.

I'll also be very honest here and tell you that there were a few moments on the trip when I thought we had made a mistake in choosing our destination.  It was difficult to manage three little boys at times - driving through the tuscan hills, eating in restaurants, walking a lot along old stone streets, etc.  But I can also honestly say that it was totally worth it.  In this post and the ones to follow, I'm going to capture the highlights of the trip, focusing on the amazing parts and forgetting the challenges.

Firenze (I think once you've visited, it is no longer Florence but forever Firenze)
  • David - It was the one thing I really wanted to see, and he did not disappoint.  Our tour through the Accademia Gallery was brief (it can be scary trying to keep little boys from touching things they shouldn't), but it was long enough for me to appreciate this big gorgeous statue.  I probably had a unique experience, holding a two-year-old at the time.  My little guy appreciated him too, pointing out all his parts:  "Mom look!  His knees, and hands, and penis, and nose..."
  • Riding the double-decker tour bus.  Fun for the kids, and a great way for us to see the city
  • That Duomo - simply stunning
  • Adjusting quickly - My kids slept 15 hours the first night and never looked back.
  • The first taste of real Italian gelato.  I tried melon, which was awesome.  We kept our promise to the boys and ate gelato every single day.
  • The carousel - it was definitely a highlight for the kids
  • Horse carriage ride - The kids loved it and it was nice to take a break from walking
  • Palazzo Vecchio - Looking at the gorgeous building and statues, my little one exclaimed, "Look Mom!  A crane!"  The cranes made quite the impression on my little guy.
  • Picnic in the Boboli gardens
  • Alone-time - My sister and I did not get enough of it, but we did venture out one evening on our own.  In the heat, we walked across the Ponte Vecchio, listening to an Italian musician singing U2 covers.  We then enjoyed a glass of wine before heading back to our apartment and the much-appreciated air-conditioning.


  1. beautiful photos! i lovee firenze! its just stunning. cant wait to see more photos :) xx

  2. Pretty, pretty pictures. They're not helping the terrible case of wanderlust that I have lately!

    If I have learned anything at all this week, it's that kids will be jerks regardless of location. Mine had a tantrum in the middle of the gym, and she slapped me in the face. I think I might have preferred to be hit in Italy! LOL

  3. Oh, do share more! It's my dream to spend a summer in Italy (and Greece). I've never been to either and I'm itching for a trip but pretty nervous about taking my 3 1/2 year old. Hat's off to you for taking three littles! I'm sure it was an adventure to remember.

  4. gorgeous photos, mary! total eye candy.

  5. My children have been on that carousel too :)

    And I agree about the double-decker tour bus, it's a definite lifesaver with children, we went on it day and night, it's a lovely way to see the city :)

  6. I can see why it was a bit challenging at times, but also why it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

    I'm glad it was an amazing trip for you and your family :).

    Sounds (and looks) absolutely incredible!!


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