August 31, 2011

Ciao! Bonjour!

Hello!   After ten wonderful days in Italy followed by a couple bonus days in France, we are finally back at home.  It was a fabulous trip, with bits of "what the hell were we thinking, bringing three little boys to Tuscany?" and "what do you mean you can't get us home for days?" mixed in.  It all brought a tremendous sense of adventure and even accomplishment.  We did, in fact, all survive.  Now that I'm home, I am able to remember the good and laugh at the crazy.

I have about six loads of laundry to wash, a full email inbox at work, and an empty refrigerator.  Oh, and very tired little boys.  But I still plan to spend some quality time with my pictures so that I can share some with you here very soon.  It's good to be home.


  1. oh no, the hurricane left you trapped in France?! How terrible! :] Can't wait to see your pictures.

  2. this picture is amazing. you are gorgeous and so is italy. can't wait for more more more! welcome home!!!

  3. I'm glad your home safely, bonus days in France sound fab, the weather here in Brittany is wonderful, and as we always get the worst weather, I guess wherever you were was wonderful.

  4. still sounds perfect though ;)


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