August 9, 2011

Pina Colada Popsicles

image via southern living

Yes, another popsicle idea.  Before the summer is out, try another flavor or two!  I've been having fun trying out some different kinds this year.  My newest favorite:  pina colada.  

I knew it would be a great flavor, but I wasn't exactly sure what to use.  I searched through a bunch of different recipes.  Some used pineapple juice and milk and flaked coconut.  Some used coconut milk.  Others used yogurt.  Real pineapple.  Lime juice.  And various combinations of these.  Here's what I did:

Fresh pineapple - they were on sale, and the fresh ripe fruit is super sweet.  About 2-2/12 cups, chopped.  
(*Can use frozen pineapple to make this even easier.)
Organic coconut milk - 1 can
1/2 Banana - I had read a couple reviews that suggested that there was a lack of flavor.  I just thought this would add a little something, just in case.  It was a nice addition.  Probably not necessary, because i think pineapple-coconut has plenty of flavor, but it was still nice.
Honey - just a little squeeze.  As always, just taste your concoction and sweeten accordingly.

Blend it all up.  Pour into molds.  Wait overnight.  Enjoy!  

My kids are currently the ones who enjoy the popsicles in our house.  That said, I really think these popsicles would make a great dessert for a summer dinner party.  Just add a shot or two of rum.  

Do you eat popsicles at your house?  What's your favorite flavor?

photo via Martha Stewart


  1. I saw that first image on your pinterest and gasped aloud. :] They look divine.

  2. Those popsicles look amazing! I love the idea of adding a little champagne or rum or something. What a fun little cocktail. Thanks for the inspiration.


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