August 4, 2011

A Few Yummy Things...

photos 1, 2, and 4 via Martha Stewart - 3 from Cooking Light

I continue to make some tasty meals, and whenever I make something we enjoy, I like sharing them here.  Often, when I'm looking for inspiration, I'll come back to the blog and look at what I was eating a year ago.  Of course, I like mixing in some new items as well.  Here are a few...

Cucumber Feta Toasts - So easy and really good.  Serve as an appetizer, or pair with a pasta salad and fresh tomatoes like we did and call it lunch.  Perfect. 

Cantaloupe and Bocconcini Salad - I thought this would be an extremely kid-friendly choice.  Fruit, cheese, ham, all in little bite-sized balls?  Well, my kids weren't really up for it.  However, K and I really enjoyed this.  Another very easy no-cook summer lunch.  Served with a baguette.

Chicken Kebabs and Nectarine Salsa - Another kebab recipe?  Yes, I'm a sucker for kebabs, peaches/nectarines are in season, and I love incorporating fruit in a main dish.  My boys didn't gobble this one up like I thought they would either (apparently my little boy doesn't like peaches?), but we enjoyed it.  The only downside:  It involves a lot of chopping.  But if you're enjoying a weekend afternoon with a glass of wine or sangria in hand, chopping is no problem.

Chicken Koftas with Cucumber Yogurt - LOVE this one.  Very simple, but it's different from our standard fare and has great flavor.  Highly recommend.


  1. I'll have to check out the chicken kofta. I make stuffed, ground turkey kofta (although I've always called it kefta!) and it's one of our favorites.

  2. The cantaloupe/cheese salad sounds awesome!


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