August 17, 2011

Off We Go...

As this post is published, we will be arriving in Florence.  We'll be spending a few days exploring the city before venturing out to the Tuscan countryside.  I am hoping for a week full of adventures, art, picnics, walking, people-watching, picture-taking, exploring and seeing a big naked man.  I want to eat a lot of gelato and pizza and pasta and seafood and to drink a lot of wine.  I want to learn just a little something about Italian wine and olive oil.  I want to be patient with my children, who will undoubtedly be tired, so that their memories of Italy are only fun and beautiful memories.  I want to spend some quality time with my sister and brother-in-law, who I do not get to see often enough.  I want to spend lots of time sitting by this pool, playing with my kids and soaking in the sunshine. 

I want a lot out of this vacation.  

It'll be pretty quiet around here for a bit, although there are a few posts scheduled.  When I return, expect lots of pictures of Italy, and I'll let you know how we did.  

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  1. Wow! Have a wonderful time! What an exciting trip.


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