August 8, 2011

Weekend and Goals

Another weekend come and gone.  They always seem to fly by!  This weekend was a muggy one, although I shouldn't complain, knowing how hot it is south of here.  On Saturday, we spent the morning at a marketplace festival.  Hay ride, face painting, bouncy house, fresh fruit, picnic lunch (I enjoyed some really good stuffed clams), ice cream...  A really lovely way to spend a warm summer day. 

Sunday brought us visitors, which was perfect since it was raining!  We went out to brunch, and then hung out at home.  I loved listening to my big boy play board games with his grandma and great-aunt while I prepared a chowder for dinner.  (Potato, corn, and leek, with some summer squash added in for good measure - all fresh, local produce.  So good.)  I love that they played him honestly and didn't let him win, and I also love that he didn't get upset when he didn't win a single game!  He had a lot of fun playing, though.  The sun did make an appearance in the afternoon, which allowed us to get out and take a walk, ride bikes, swing, and slide. 

Goals for this week:
1.  Start packing
2.  Print out all our paperwork (itinerary, reservation info) and call to confirm details
3.  Learn a few new Italian phrases ("Io non parlo italiano", "gelato alla fragola per favore", "più vino per favore"...)
4.  Put a few kid's shows/apps on the iPhone.  Just in case.  Oh, and find our headphones. 
5.  Keep taking my Vitamin B

Can you tell what's coming?  8 more days!
My big boy and his best friend, trying to coax a centipede into moving for them

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  1. sounds like such a lovely weekend. Hope packing goes we.. Always the part I dread most. ha.


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