December 2, 2009

Office - Before and After

Well, I can't find the true "before" shots, but these will do. This one is from the first showing, so this is how the previous owners used this little downstairs room. That tiny little wall light was the only light in the room, and there was no switch for it. The nasty stained carpet covered a lead-painted floor. The walls were dirty and in desperate need of plaster.

All we did was put our big desk and shelves in the room, and it ended up being a space where stuff tended to pile up.

And voila! Here's how this room looks today. Newly-plastered and painted walls, a new window and blinds, a full wall of built-in shelves and desk (check out our new Mac too!!!), a rug on the floor... This room needs some finishing touches as well, but I already love working in my new office!

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  1. wow! this is a major change. a mac makes any office look cooler. i gotta get on the mac plan with you! great job with this office. LOVE it. well done. i'm glad to see you are still nesting post nesting to do list is not done but baby is coming fast...yet again, you are a good inspiration for me! xo


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