December 9, 2009

A Look Back - December 2008

*Do we have enough room on our staircase for 11 stockings?!? We're going to find out!

Here's a look back at some of what I was blogging about last December:

White Lights or Colored Lights? - It's so funny how adamant people are about their choice. Including myself, of course. I am a colored-lights girl. Who now has a colored-lights little boy. I don't think my husband is getting white lights again for a while. Ha!

Holiday Tunes - Still talking about holiday music. I love it.

How Time Flies and Happy Birthday- Look for a post next week about my little boy turning 3! Unbelievable.

Christmas Decorations - Just a little glimpse into our home during the holidays. It's pretty much the same this year, except that wooden soldier and poster are now proudly displayed on our new mantle. Hooray!

I Love Boston #7: Holiday Pops - We're going in a couple weeks! Can't wait!

Three Beautiful Things....about snowstorms - Gotta focus on the positives.

Holiday Menus and Desserts - The menu is looking pretty similar this year. Why mess with a good thing? Perhaps lobster mac 'n cheese will become our Christmas Eve tradition. I am certainly okay with that.

*This is gorgeous Symphony Hall in Boston. We'll be attending the Holiday Pops this year, after getting snowed out of last year's performance.

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