December 3, 2009

I Admit It: I Need Help

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You may or may not remember this post, but in it I went on and on about how I didn't want to hire a cleaning service. Our house stayed somewhat tidy, but it was rarely, if ever, clean. I could kind of keep up with dishes and laundry, and I could sweep the floor and clean a toilet on occasion. Maybe dust some pictures as I walk by. Well, now with two kids and a full-time job, I'm barely keeping up with dishes and laundry. There's no way I'd find time to clean the toilets. So we bit the bullet and hired a cleaning service.

And I know you're all's about time! You can't do everything yourself! You're absolutely right. You can't. I can't. So I raised my hand and got some help, and I must admit, it feels good. I'm still getting used to having someone else come in and clean my house. It's a little strange, and I get annoyed when things aren't done as I would do them. That said, it is so nice to come home to a house that's so clean it even smells clean. They not only clean the obvious stuff like toilets and floors, but the things that I never had time for, including the crumbs out of the toaster oven and the front of the fridge. My husband says it's worth it for the kitchen alone, and I agree.

So my lesson's okay to ask for help. It's not only okay, it's good. There are a lot of things competing for my time, and I want to focus on the important ones - my little boys, my husband, my friends, my job... Oh, and MYSELF! I'm not doing too great on that last one, but at least it's not because I'm trying to find time to clean the shower.


  1. Bout damn time! You deserve it!

  2. I agree with Dawn. Good for you, you totally deserve this and NEED it.


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