December 15, 2009

Wedding Highlights

*I was hoping for a good family photo. This one isn't fabulous, but we do all look happy.

I wanted to spend a few minutes to capture some of the moments that stick out to me when I think about my SIL's wedding.

*The drive on Friday afternoon - perfectly timed to allow both boys to sleep on the way there. I love how peaceful my boys are as they sleep. It was a good thing that we started the weekend with a little sleep, because they didn't get much the rest of the weekend!

*The little boy, peacefully sleeping in his car seat during the entire Rehearsal Dinner Friday night.

*Waking up to the big boy's feet kicking my face Friday night. Not my greatest night's sleep. However, the little boy slept really well, so I felt pretty rested the next day.

*Saturday involved a lot of chasing. The big boy opened an early birthday present - a toy laptop - that proved to be extremely popular, and that helped tremendously. A portable DVD player helped a lot, too. The big boy and the flower girl snuggled up under a blanket and watched Elmo for a while, giving us all a little peace. The afternoon was a blur of baths and dressing and otherwise getting myself and the boys ready.

*Enjoying a mimosa and talking with the rest of the girls while we all got our hair done

*Pulling out a lollipop to prevent a meltdown. It took four to make it through the day.

*After the big boy got all dressed up, he went into SIL's dressing room, where everyone was "oohing" and "ahing" over her. Aaron yelled across the room, "Amber! Look at me!!!"

*The big boy sat on the floor and ate a bag of chips and drank a cup of milk as we waited for the ceremony to start. He wiped his greasy hands on his suit jacket. (Which, thankfully, you can't see in the pictures.) As he finished his chips, he said, "Amber, I'm ready for your wedding."

*A beautiful ceremony that made me cry - in a good way. I couldn't begin to capture it here, but it was perfect.

*The big boy and the flower girl again, giggling and squirming around on a couch as the toasts were being made. Very funny and sweet toasts.

*As I buckled the big boy in his car seat to bring him back to our room after the ceremony, he put his hands under my chin and said, "Mama. Your hair looks pretty."

*The kids were set up with dinner, cupcakes, videos, and a toy laptop. I introduced the big boy to the sitters, he ate a little dinner, screamed "cupcakes!", and then said, "Bye Mom! Have fun!" Which I did.

*My boys, playing in bed.

*My gorgeous sister-in-law

*I love this one. Lollipop and a crooked vest. He did a fabulous job, though, and pulled it together when he needed to. It was an awesome time.

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