December 1, 2008

White Lights or Colored Lights?

*Colored lights...

I come from a colored lights family. We always had colored lights on our Christmas trees. My dad even had the big old-school lights that clip to the branches. We had ornaments that ranged from beautiful ornate globes to a thumbprint deer drawn on a fast-food restaurant ashtray. I used to like making chains from construction paper. I am looking forward to having ornaments made by my kids hanging on my tree.

My husband comes from a white lights family. They also have some homemade ornaments, but they love the white lights. They believe the house looks prettier from the street this way.

My husband and I are both so adamant about our preference that we have been forced to compromise - we alternate years. Very unfortunately, it is a "white-lights year", so we will have white lights on the tree this year. Sigh. I almost have him convinced that when A is a little older - perhaps starting next year - we should really stick to colored lights. You know, for the sake of the children.

What do you use - white lights or colored? And why? Did you stick with what you had growing up?

...or white lights.


  1. Anonymous1.12.08

    I am adamantly a white lights girl! We always had white lights growing up, and personally I love how they look like snow on the tree. I am always outnumbered by colored light people, however. I like your alternating idea, I may have to resort to that if I lose my white light battle some year. For now I am allowed to keep my lights! :)

  2. we go white. i grew up with white. my house is so crazy with color and pattern...i keep the tree lights simple. however, i think that kiddos would enjoy colored more than white, so...we may change in a few years....

  3. Color. But I have three one color chains. One red, one green, one yellowish. I pick one or use two depending on the tree size. Maybe that's a compromise for you- an all green chain.

  4. I grew up with colored lights and a mish-mash of ornaments. Now, I like white lights...but hate matchy-matchy and still go with a big mix or ornaments.

  5. Anonymous3.12.08

    Colored lights all the way, sis! Outside on the bushes, inside on the tree! So happy & festive! I guess it runs in the family!

  6. I admire this gal's style and she goes colored just like you prefer.

  7. Sounds like David and me our compromise was white lights mixed with colored lights. It seems to help us both. However, I can't get him to compromise on the live tree. I love the live tree smell, but hate all the work and mess it involves.


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