December 8, 2008

Holiday Baking

We had our first snowfall this weekend, and it made me feel like baking. Unfortunately, I haven't come up with that signature item that I make every year for gifts. I'm still searching. Should it be a jam, or something decadent like these cranberry turtle bars, or should I stick to my favorite cookies or brownies? Since I don't have that answer yet, I decided to stick with cookies this year.

I realized that I've actually never made plain-old Christmas cookies. You know, sugar cookies with sprinkles and different shapes and designs. So I used this recipe and had a little fun. I didn't come up with anything super-creative or anything, and I discovered that I'd really love to have a few small cookie-cutters; but I think the results were pretty good, and they were definitely tasty. My husband and son particularly liked the chocolate-dipped ones. I also made a batch of raspberry thumbprint cookies, just to provide a little variety.

I wrapped up a few batches and delivered them to my neighbors on Sunday. A very nice way to spend a snowy weekend afternoon.

Do you have a recipe you make each year as a gift? I'd love to get some ideas. As I said, I'm still on the search for my own.


  1. I've got to get started on this -- I bake and put together little goody bags for our neighbors. I think I'm going to make the raspberry thumbprints!

  2. I'm looking for a recipe too! I have to make 4 dozen for a cookie you recommend one vs. another? My family always made christmas cookies, but I wasn't particularly in love with any of them (that weren't way hard to make). Merry Christmas!


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