December 8, 2008

Sunrises, Car-Starters, and Coats

*Image from efatzo's flickr page
If ever there was a time that one needs to focus on the beautiful things in life, it's Monday morning.

Monday morning's Three Beautiful Things:

1. There was a gorgeous sunrise this morning. A pink sky followed by a bright orange ball in the sky. Made me forget how cold it was outside (for a moment, anyway!).

2. Automatic car-starters. Oh my, how happy I am that I insisted on getting this installed. I am lucky enough to have seat-warmers, too. It is so very nice to be able to get into a warm car on a very cold morning.

3. A said, "I'm going to school. It's really cold outside. Need jackets on." He put his books down so I could put his coat on him, and then he put his hat on himself. Oh, if it was always that easy.

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