December 4, 2008

Five Senses Thanksgiving Week

*A loved the aquarium!

*Alligators - up close and personal. We could count their teeth!

- Alligators, jellyfish, sharks, and a very cool octopus at the North Carolina aquarium. The little boy had tons of fun.
- My mom lose at Scrabble several times in one week. What is going on?!?

- "What's this, Mommy?", stated about 10000 times on the plane ride home. But heck, I'll gladly answer questions all day, as long as the boy is happy. I gave him a book called "I Love Trucks", and he wanted to know every single thing in it.
- A singing "Row, Row, Row your Boat" while we played at the Children's Museum.
- Christmas tunes, which officially get me in the holiday spirit

- Sticky cookie dough and biscuit dough, lovingly kneaded by my hands.
- Air hockey piece, as I decidedly kicked my sister's arse.

- Turkey roasting in the oven, cookies baking, pancakes cooking...
- Christmas trees! Oh how I love this smell.

- Leftover turkey sandwiches
- That first glass of nog
- Who knew roasted brussels sprouts could be so tasty?
- Cookies, more cookies, and pie. Oh, and ice cream too.

*The Children's Museum was basically a dozen or so playrooms set up for maximum fun! This was their "outdoors" room, complete with tents and a campfire.

*We also had a lot of fun at the park down the street.

*We exchanged just a few gifts while we were together, maintaining our "Thanksmas" tradition. (I'll explain some other time.)
*We moved seamlessly from Thanksgiving to Christmas, as my mom completely decorated her house.

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  1. A is for Adorable! He is too cute. Such a little man! Love the kayak shot. xo


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