March 23, 2017

Okemo 2017

Get ready for a flurry of activity, because I'm determined to get my little space here updated. I may go through phases, but I'm not ready to let it go!

Now that it's spring, let's start with a few pictures and memories from Winter Break. We had a fabulous week with our best friends, skiing in Vermont. We splurged this year and rented a place right on the mountain, so we were able to step outside the door, put on our skis, and go! We could ski back to the condo for lunch, not having to fight the crowds at the lodge. It was wonderful and totally worth it, especially since there were quite a few times when we needed to split up for various reasons.

Skiing has become the best part of winter for our family, and the boys absolutely love it. It's something that we all enjoy, and we love to do it together. The weather was relatively warm, which was great at the beginning, and when the conditions worsened later in the week, we challenged ourselves at the top of the mountain. The boys skied black diamond slopes with confidence.

We didn't get out as much as I would have liked, but we thoroughly enjoyed every day we had on the slopes. I want to figure out how to do it more often.

Good-bye, Winter 2017. Welcome Spring.

I love watching the boys in their tuck!



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