February 16, 2017

Taking Stock - February 2017

How my boys feel about snow. Pure joy. 

I am...

Feeling - Overwhelmed. Life is too busy right now, and I'm not keeping all the balls in the air. 
Watching - We are all caught up on Game of Thrones. (When is season 7?!?  I'm going through withdrawals.) Everything else pales in comparison. Blackish does make me laugh, though - actually, it makes me laugh and think, which is pretty awesome.
Wearing - The same big Patagonia coat I've had for years. Big, warm, comfy, and necessary to survive walking around Boston in February.
Appreciating - Snowy days. They are so much better than the cold and rainy ones.
Eating - Chocolate-covered strawberries and dark chocolate hearts. It's Valentine's week.
Listening - Lots of new albums coming out right now. Tift Merritt, Nikki Lane, Ryan Adams. Also, the Grammy awards inspired me to listen to Purple Rain several times this week. I need to ensure that I am fully supporting the musical education of my kids.
Wanting - More time for yoga. Always.
Reading - I just received and promptly started George Saunder's latest, Lincoln in the Bardo. It's weird and fascinating and wonderful already.
Thinking - Manchester by the Sea might be one of the saddest movies ever. It's going to stay with me for a very long time.
Loving- The homemade Valentines I received from the boys. They both take such pride in presenting me with their creations.
Anticipating - A trip north next week for winter break. Skiing in Vermont! With our best friends! I can't wait!
Planning - A trip south to visit my mom and sister during spring break. I need to get it booked! (This is one of the many balls that I've dropped.)
Working - Too much. But really...working on tipping the scale back over to "balance".  Next week's vacation should help.
Wondering - If the next four years will all be like these last few weeks. And thinking about how I can avoid the news more, because it makes me anxious and sad. But then acknowledging that I need to stay well-informed. How can I do that and still say sane?


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