August 12, 2015

Family Time on Lake Ontario

Rock-throwing. An endless fascination.

Dead end at the lake. It's farm country.

Another summer, another beautiful visit to Lake Ontario.

Every time we go, I feel like I'm giving a gift to my kids. They only put on shoes to go in the water. They ride bikes, they play with cousins, they fly kites and play soccer and swim and eat fresh fruit and corn on the cob. They stay up late and sleep in. They never ask to watch TV, and we all feel completely removed from our normal home routines. It's a beautiful thing.

We only had one day on the boat this time, which was a bummer, but at least the kids got a boat ride. There was lots of time for swimming, which was great.

The weather was mostly spectacular. We had some rainstorms during our largest family gathering that caused us to have to eat dinner inside. However, the rain stopped - and the sky lit up with color - in time for us to build a bonfire.

Blueberry picking. They are so good, and I've been eating them by the bowlful. I also made this tart, which is amazing.

We visited a tiny old-fashioned amusement park with the kids - 25 cents a ride. Aaron just barely made it under the height limit, so he could still ride the rides - he was excited to watch over his cousins. A carousel, a tiny ferris wheel, a few round-and-round rides, and an ice cream shop. A great afternoon outing.

Nathan pulled out his joke book at the bonfire, and the group enjoyed his comedy act. It was awesome. 

I enjoyed a few morning yoga sessions by the lake while my boys slept late. What a fabulous way to start the day.

Every year, I feel pulled in many directions while I'm there. I want to "hurry up and relax!" I want to spend time with each of my family members and be with all of them at the same time. It's difficult to catch up while in a group, and it's difficult to pull away for fear of missing out. I also always feel like there's something to do - meals to be planned and made, items to be found, areas to clean, kids to be watched... It can be hard to chill. I did manage, but I could do better. 

Waiting so patiently.

If you're thinking that water looks a little too rough for water-skiing, you'd be correct. 
It was fun but very tough.

The rain was worth it to see this on our way to the bonfire.

Messi, my "master blueberry picker".

A trip to the lake isn't complete without a gorgeous sunset pic.


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