June 6, 2012

Who I Am...

Baseball fan
New Englander
Mother of boys

print via society6

Wanna-be guitar player
Dancer (in kitchens or at weddings, but that counts, right?)

I'm in the middle, holding my baby sister

Loyal sister and friend
Quietly opinionated
Lover of words
Ice cream connoisseur
Shopping hater

Graying brunette (shhhh!)
Tar Heel
Sufferer of TMJ pain, bad knees, and hives (I am literally allergic to running)

photo by rebecca bast at the daily muse

Beach drifter
Calm in a crisis
Music enthusiast

*Inspired by this post


  1. Those are all great things to be. I love the Autumn picture! So pretty!

  2. I love that autumn picture as well. Not bad things to be, at all. :]

  3. you forgot a few. gorgeous, super dope, rad, waterski specialist, brainiac...

  4. I agree Portland.
    and holy crap! you look just like fiona and i look just like soraya in that picture!!!

  5. Hello!! I love this post. It just speaks volumes to me. And so many similarities between us - you know all my jaw pain? Turned out to be TMJ. Ugh...but to better comparisons - beach drifter and quietly opinionated. YES YES YES! If only there weren't a rather hefty ocean between us I am sure we'd be at each other's kitchen tables often. Are you counting down to the end of working? I notice there is not much in this wonderful list about frenzied career woman! Is that a sign? L x

  6. Aw, thanks guys! Sara, I need more time in the water to be called "specialist". (where are my friends with a boat?) Emily, I was actually thinking I saw a little Aaron in Dawn's smile too - do you see it? Lou, of course I agree! I'd love to join you for a glass of wine and a live conversation one of the days. But our long-distance friendship is pretty cool too. I am most definitely counting down the days, and yes it was a conscious thought to leave "career woman" off this list. That is who I was, but it's not who I am going to be for a while, and I can't wait to see what it's like!

  7. Lovely post Mary, the colours of the trees in the first photo are gorgeous :)


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