June 7, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration and House Update

photo via Midwest Living

Don't you just love how bright and cheerful this kitchen is?  Pretty soon, I will be done looking at pictures of kitchens.  Once I have my own new kitchen, I won't want to look at anybody else's, because I don't want to think, "Oooh I wish I had...", or "Oh I wish I could've done...".  Who wants to do that?  All the kitchen admiring I've done over the past few years was a fun way of dreaming about my own.  Once I get it, that'll be it. 

The renovation is coming along, albeit more slowly and with significantly more stress than I'd like.  I wake up in the middle of the night, dreaming about stove vents and wood flooring and cabinet layouts.  But we have windows, and doors, and insulated walls with wires and pipes in them.  Next week we'll close up the walls, and the following week we'll start putting down the floors.  Then it'll really start to get exciting. 

side entrance to new family room

kitchen windows

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  1. Your Kitchen Inspiration is absolutely gorgeous!! Its amazing what a bright pop of colour can do.


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