June 27, 2012

Laughing Boys, Exiting the Baby Years, and Sunny Rain

This week's Three Beautiful Things:

1.  I love waking up to the sun streaming through the window and the sound of little boys laughing.  My boys are getting better about entertaining themselves for a bit before coming into our room in the morning.

2.  Today was my first day in a very long time that I didn't have to change a diaper/pull-up/dirty underwear (five and a half years...I suppose some people do it for longer but that is plenty long enough for me).  I am very happy about this.

3.  I looked outside this morning and saw the sun shining through white puffy clouds, and sparkly raindrops falling on the grass.  Only a rainbow could've made it more perfect.

And here are a few more beautiful things...


  1. oh, #1. That just sounds downright blissful. E has been waking up in the nite, and crawling into our bed. :|

  2. Hooray for no diapers! Man, I'm sure I have no idea what I'm even getting myself into. :) And all of of those are lovely happy things. :)

  3. They all sound truly beautiful - and whoo hooo no more nappies for you - yippee!


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