June 29, 2012

A Few Links...

Pictures like this blow my freakin' mind.   Sentences like this do too:  "This means that the light we're seeing in this image left the Pinwheel Galaxy about 21 million years ago - many millions of years before humans ever walked the Earth."  Ooh, here's another good one too.  Awesome. 

I haven't listened to Fiona Apple in years, but after reading this article, I think I may have to give her a spin. 

Watch this video of a recreation of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" using dominos.  Pretty cool.  The things people have the patience to do...

Have you ever illegally downloaded music?  I know plenty of people who have (and do), but I've never done it myself.  Always felt wrong.  I love music, and so I love musicians and want to support them so they can keep playing music.  That said, I will admit that I sometimes make music mixes for my sisters and friends.  I justify this by the fact that I am typically introducing them to new bands, ones that they wouldn't be spending money on anyway.  This blog post in response to this NPR Music article is interesting, and a good reminder that musicians deserve to be paid for their work. 

Did you watch The Electric Company when you were a kid?  I did, and it was nothing like the current version.  I so clearly remember Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman and the very best part of all...Spiderman.  It was awesome.  If you did watch it, check out this article for a trip down memory lane.

Why are American kids so spoiled?  Interesting article about current parenting methods and their sad implications.  I think we're doing pretty well so far, although this makes me want to buckle down even more.

Okay, I had to add one more in:  This will crack you up and leave you smiling.  I promise!


  1. happy to say, i've never downloaded music illegally. we buy cd's & upload them to our system. :)

    thanks for that article! my husband and i have been talking about this a lot lately- after reading simplicity parenting and the a book that we just recently read- battle hymn of the tiger mother.

    i just had a difficult morning with jacob, and was pretty firm with him in regards to making sure that he knew that he was acting disrespectfully, but i still tend to leave these situations with a little guilt. this puts it all back into perspective. thank you again for sharing.

  2. Ooooh that was such a great article on spoiled kids - thanks for the link! I did think the author should have made her son tidy up after the bear got into the rubbish bin :) I will keep a copy of this to wave at my boys when they next moan about having to vacuum their room.


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