May 7, 2013

Quote of the Day

Day #4 from The Challenge, which means that yes, I am going out of order and will not even come close to writing them all, but like I pressure.  It's all good.  This topic was to choose a favorite quote and why I love it.  I chose two.

The reason why I love both of them is the same, though.  They make you step outside the mundane, taking the focus off of your normal routine - the tasks that must be done every day and every week - and instead ask you to really live your life.  To express gratitude.  To find passion.  Every day, even the one filled with cleaning and cooking and working and not getting enough sleep, contains beauty and joy.  The key is to find it and keep your focus on that.

1 comment:

  1. loving your challenges (not that i am doing them...but love seeing you do them). thank you! totally love that first quote so much - it makes me feel good and helps me feel less/no quilt when i make time for me to do whatever it is i do to reset (run, shop, ice cream, call a friend...). xoxo


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