May 2, 2013

The Story of My Life

Simone at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket informed me of a blogging challenge she has accepted, started by Jenni at The Story of My Life.  She created a blog topic for every day in May and invited others to participate.  I love the idea, especially since blogging inspiration doesn't always strike every day.  Having a little push and a topic idea is nice.  I'm positive I won't be able to do it every day, but I have decided to jump in when I can.  Maybe it'll just extend a while, or maybe I will have to skip a few topics.  We'll see.  No pressure.

The first topic is:  The Story of Your Life in 250 words or less.  Here goes...

One of my all-time favorite pictures of me and my little sister.  Dirty and carefree.

I was born in New York in the Spring of 1974.  We lived in the country, owning goats and chickens and enjoying fruit trees and fresh milk from the farm down the road.  My first chore was to collect eggs from the chicken coop.  I loved it.  My parents divorced when I was five, and I moved with my mom and sisters to North Carolina when I was eight.  I spent a lot of time reading books and too much of my teenage years trying to be liked.  In college, I spent a lot of time by myself in order to figure out all the things I really loved - poetry, music, sports, nature.  I loved growing up near the beach, and I adored my university, and I was grateful for my first job and the many friends I made and still have.  But North Carolina never really felt like home to me.  I moved to Boston in 1999.  This is home.  I have a handsome and funny husband and two amazing little boys.  I worked hard for sixteen years and am now taking a break from the office to walk my kids to school.  I am entering a new phase of life, and I am loving it.  I'm making new friends, watching my kids grow, and still trying to learn new things.  I'm practicing on my new piano, reading, cooking, doing yoga, planting a garden, and taking care of our little old house.  Life is beautiful.


  1. I loved reading this Mary, you sound so nice!!!!

    I've never consciously wanted a sister but your photo suddenly made me feel how nice it would be to have one :)

    So glad you are doing this challenge too, it's fun isn't it? :)

  2. I love my sister! You are awesome Mary!

  3. Francesc adds that you are a very good writer. :)

  4. Your story gave me goose-bumps. Loved it!

  5. You sound like my kind of person :) and it sounds like you've had a really good life :) xx

  6. beautiful indeed :).


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