May 31, 2013

House Update - Patio

After last year's construction, we named 2013 the "year of the outdoors".  Now that we had the inside of the house the way we wanted it, we had some work to do in the yard!  After a lot of neglect, we've spent many hours weeding and planting and generally working on making our yard a nice place to be. 

The big project included repaving the driveway, new brick sidewalks, and a new patio!  We are SO excited to have a comfortable area to sit outside.  The first few years, we didn't have anything at all, and the last few, we had a picnic table set up in the grass.  This is a huge step up.  

The patio table and umbrella just got delivered a couple days ago, and the boys and I ate dinner on it that very night...and every night since.  It is awesome.   The grass is still coming in, and we'll be spreading mulch this weekend, but we are already so happy with how it's coming along.  


  1. Beautiful! And I thought that front walk looked new. Really makes the yard an extension of your house, doesn't it? Good job!

  2. We have been craving yard space jealous of yours!! Looks so, so perfect.


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