May 9, 2013

A Moment...

Day 9 of The Challenge:  A moment of your day.

I captured two, although they are close together and both with my little guy.  Every day, when Nathan comes home from preschool, he picks out books, and we read together on the couch.  It has become tradition and one of my favorite times of the day.  The photo above is of him choosing a superhero story.  

And then there's lunch.  Every day, the little man and I eat lunch at the island in our kitchen.  I ask him what he did at school that morning, and he usually tells me who got into trouble that day and then proceeds to change the subject to a topic of his choosing.  For a long while, it was superheroes.   Today he told me everything he wants for his birthday.  The photo below was taken right after he finished his lunch.  He was not on board with my taking pictures.  


  1. These are lovely, love those special times son (now aged 7) talks all the time about when he used to come home from preschool and just he & I would have lunch together :)

  2. How adorable, and what lovely moments you are spending together - he looks so serious in the first photo choosing a book :)

  3. So cute Mary...I just love these photos, brings back so many wonderful memories. xx

  4. we read throughout the day, but our ritual reading is right before bed. i do adore our book times.


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