May 3, 2013

A Few Links

I stumbled across some really great stuff online this week...

Why 43% of Women With Children Leave Their Jobs, And How To Get Them Back.  I thought this was a really interesting article, and a lot of the points resonated with me.  I haven't even been out of the workforce a year, and I don't plan on staying out for too long, but the question of what I can do while still balancing my family life is one that weighs heavy on my mind.

Johnny Marr performing The Smiths' "How Soon is Now?" on Jimmy Fallon.  Just for fun, because I am and always will be a fan of The Smiths.

Enjoy a flight over Africa while Listening to the music from Out of Africa.  Very random, but it's so pretty.  Even if all you do is play the music.

What Nobody Remembers About New Motherhood.  Do any of you feel this way?  I know so many people say that we forget the hard parts, so perhaps it's still too recent for me.  I can recall very vividly the pain of childbirth, and the exhaustion I felt those first few months.  I remember very well how hard some of those weeks were when I was low on sleep, dealing with a sick baby, and still having to go to work.  I also remember how my babies smelled (is there any smell in the world better than a clean baby?), how sweet those 2AM nursing sessions were, and how it felt when they squeezed my fingers with their chubby little hands.  And of course I know how amazing they are now.  But when a new mom tells me how exhausted she is, I absolutely understand and remember it all.

I am in total agreement with Joanna Goddard on this one.  And if you haven't watched New Girl yet, you should.

Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants a 1360-acre Forest.  This is just awesome, and it got me thinking about what my legacy will be.  A heavy topic for another day...

Life Lessons with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Yes, sort of random too, but don't dismiss it just because it's written by a former basketball player.  It's a really great list!

Whoah!  Did I just publish three posts in a single day?  Crazy.  


  1. I'm going to return to comment on these links Mary because they all look really good. but I had to say I really like The Smiths too, I was listening to them just last night....I don't remember loving them when I was younger although my room-mate did but I listen to them all the time now :)

  2. so many good links here... thank you for sharing!

    regarding our legacies, i've been thinking quite a bit about this. i look forward to that other "heavy" post :).

  3. That forest! gah! I think a lot about legacies as well. I've a fire burning inside of me lately to just do something. Anything. This life we're living feels kind of like a rat race.

  4. (also that photo you posted is dreamy!)

  5. love the link about motherhood! i was just there 2 weeks ago, and have already forgotten. by day 5 i wanted to do it all over again so i could fell that moment of meeting my baby again. hah, some probably think i am crazy! thanks for sharing, was such a good read!


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