May 14, 2013

Ten Words...

picture by Allistair Ann.  
I truly did try to find a picture of myself, but they are few and far between I'm afraid.  I think I may need to set a new goal to have people take more pictures of me!

I'm falling behind in The Challenge.  Let's see if I can catch up.  I'm going to skip a few, because I'm behind and also because the topics just don't speak to me.  (Most embarrassing moment?  Now come on, why would I share that?)

Day #11.  Sell yourself in ten words or less.

Kind.  Open-minded.  Organized.  Calm.  Motivated.  Silly.  Capable.  Savvy.  Loyal.  Thoughtful.

That was harder than I thought it would be.  Not sure I captured me.  If you know me, how did I do?  What did I leave off?


  1. So - we've never met but I would say these words about you: measured, honest, pragmatic, open, sound-minded, strong, calming, definitely thoughtful, friend. L x

  2. Thanks Lou. That might be the sweetest comment ever!


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