May 26, 2013

A Few Things...

Day 26 of The Challenge.  Something you read online.


20 Things Every Parent Should Hear.  Things we all know and yet need to remind ourselves.  And often.

No, The Pope Didn't Just Say All Atheists Go To Heaven.  I thought this was a really interesting and optimistic article.  Perhaps there is a path to more openness from the church.  Regardless, the idea that whatever our beliefs, we should all strive to do good, is a worthy one.

I want to see this documentary.  There doesn't seem to be enough time to see all the movies I'd like to see.  But Summer's almost here.  As TV shows end, the time for movies increases.  This one is on my list for sure.

And in the theaters, I really want to see Before Midnight.  I do think I need to go back and re-watch Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, though.  I didn't love Before Sunrise when I first saw it, but then I saw it again later and realized all I had missed.  They are movies full of talk and very little action, but they are compelling and true and beautiful.

Processed Meats too dangerous for human consumption and Does grilling cause cancer?  I've been telling this to my husband for years, but only after reading the first article is he ready to give up hot dogs and sausage.  I only buy all-natural, nitrate-free sausage for him at home, but he's a big meat eater and sausage is one of his favorite foods.  Now he's thinking twice.  And supporting me when I tell Aaron he's not allowed to eat hot dogs away from home.  (Where again, I do allow the occasional nitrate-free version.)

Why Do I Think My Salary Pays for Child Care?  I don't know that I thought about it exactly in this way, but I definitely did the math over and over again, comparing my salary to the cost of child care, housecleaning, commuting, gas, etc.  I found I did align my salary to the boys' expenses overall, but maybe because I was the one generally paying them.  (I buy their clothes, for example.)  It's interesting to read and think about.  Perhaps we need to separate those thoughts more than we do.

before midnight


  1. Whole Foods makes a 365 brand non meat hot dog that are great. Sausage can be so easily duplicated meat free since the flavor is not from meat but spices! I recommend Gimme Lean-after a couple times, Kevin will never know the difference. There is also tofurky pepperoni you can get for that cheese plate with fancy cheese and spicy mustard. Again, it's all about the spices. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear that minds are shifting.

    1. Yeah, I've tried some fake meat stuff (including hot dogs) without real success outside of veggie burgers. I haven't tried sausage. But honestly, I'm not convinced that the extremely processed soy stuff is healthier than organic, nitrate-free meat. The bottom line is that none of it is healthy and we should limit it as much as possible.


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