June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

Kevin can do a pretty good cannonball.

I had a lot of fun participating in last month's 'Every Day in May' Challenge.  I came nowhere close to writing all the posts, but I did what I could do.  It inspired me to write about different topics, and although it wasn't every day, I did end up posting a lot more often than usual.  Now that it's over, I want to figure out how to keep that momentum going.  I'll give that some thought.

Last week was brutally hot here.  We went from cold rain the weekend before to hot hot hot this weekend.  I'd prefer somewhere in-between, which it looks like we're going to get this week.  Yay!  But the heat did make it feel like a real kickoff to Summer.  I blew up the new kid pool, and the boys got in their bathing suits every afternoon.  The popsicles went quickly.  Kevin and I continued to work in the yard, spreading mulch and weeding and planting new flowers.  And the garden!  Lots of rain and a few hot days, and all of a sudden I have dozens of big zucchini flowers and tiny little new tomatoes and much bigger kale plants. Fun!

Some friends invited us over to swim in their pool on Saturday, and after a morning of work, it was the perfect reward.  The kids had a blast playing and practicing their swimming skills, and the adults had a blast getting cool in the water and catching up with friends.  The perfect summer afternoon.

I am reminded that we need to put together our Summer Fun List.  I have a feeling it will look very similar to last year's, but I need to ask the boys and make sure I get their input.  I know it's going to fly by.  My little guy is already done with school, and Aaron will be done with kindergarten in a few weeks.  I need to make sure I'm prepared to maximize the fun!

Kids vs. Dad

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