June 21, 2013

Patty Griffin (feat. Robert Plant) - Ohio

Patty Griffin has been a favorite of mine for years and years.  I am really enjoying her latest album, entitled American Kid.  Robert Plant, her collaborator and boyfriend (for lack of a better word - she's denied that they are married but they are in a relationship), is featured on three of the songs.  I love just the thought of that partnership.  But this is Patty's album.  She wrote it as her father was dying, and the lyrics are thoughtful and introspective and sad, but the emotion is beautiful.  

photo from billboard


  1. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for popping over to my blog - it's lovely to have found yours :-)

    I love your part of the world, my Uncle used to work at Harvard and I have lots of other relatives living in the States so I have been over a few times.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    Mel x

  2. her voice is always so amazing


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