June 6, 2013

Summer Fun List - 2013

I'm sure it will end up looking similar to last year's list, but it's always such a fun exercise.  I am feeling the need to document it and display it somewhere in the house, but we'll see if I can make that happen.  Checking items off lists is so satisfying, especially when it's a list like this!
  • Have a picnic
  • Swim in Walden Pond
  • Meet new friends at camp
  • Pick-an-animal day (learn all we can about it, paint pictures)
  • Go berry picking
  • Try a new flavor of homemade popsicles (thinking fudgesicles)
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Start a new chapter book that both boys will enjoy
  • Create big canvas paintings
  • Write letters/postcards to send to family
  • Backyard campout
  • Hug cousins
  • Throw rocks into the river
  • Have an awesome birthday party for Nathan
  • Go to Lake Ontario
  • See a movie in the theater (Monsters University)
  • Play on the beach (Maine)
  • Watch a sunset
  • Hunt for frogs and turtles at the wildlife sanctuary
  • Pick veggies from the garden
  • Dance at the Newport Folk Festival
  • Look for shooting stars and fireflies
  • Try something new from the farmer's market
  • Make s'mores around a bonfire
  • Learn some spanish words from cousin Zach
  • Make watermelon-lemonade


  1. such a good list! if you're in the market for a good sunset to watch, Texas has some pretty awesome ones. Just saying! :]

  2. Sounds like the makings of an awesome summer!


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