May 10, 2012

The Juggling Act...

The sun did shine for a bit on Sunday afternoon.  I'm looking forward to its return.

It's been a crazy week.  Everything seems to be moving at a hectic pace, and I am simply unable to keep up.  Work is incredibly stressful at the moment, and as I've mentioned, my house is a complete disaster.  I have no kitchen, and as the walls come down, of course surprises are found and decisions must be made.  We're using a lot of paper plates (my apologies to Mother Earth), and I'm washing our real dishes in the upstairs bathroom sink. 

The kids are great, but they are 2 and 5; so while they're completely awesome, they still require a great deal of my energy.  I find myself rushing around all day, tending to whatever I can, and at the end of the day, I fret about all the items I neglected to get done.  Oh, and the rain!  Have I mentioned the rain?  May sunshine came in April, so I guess we're catching up on the April rains now. 

Instead of thinking of all the things I didn't get done, I know I should focus on all I did get done.  The fact that my bed is made and that we all have clean clothes is an accomplishment!  I did get that door order in (a day late, but still...), and I even took 20 minutes to exercise yesterday.  (I'm sore today, which is pitiful.)  So far I've even managed to come up with dinners without a kitchen.  Work goes on, and I do what I can.  That's a lot. 

While I'm doing my best to keep up the juggle, I will look forward to: 
  • sunny days
  • more lilacs on my dining room table
  • fast progress on the house
  • starting the countdown at work (end of July!)
  • celebrations with family and friends
  • my little boy's 3rd birthday (!)
  • stolen quiet moments
  • Sangria Saturdays


  1. Mary it sounds like you are doing an awesome job (I felt a little drained just reading your post!). I'm not a great cook but even I can't imagine the nightmare of living without a kitchen for an extended period of time! Just keep focussing on all that you *are* getting accomplished - it sounds like an awful lot in the circumstances :) Will keep my fingers crossed for sunny weather for you!

  2. wait wait make your bed? go you. xo

  3. Wow you have so much on your plate - but it sounds like you're doing a stellar job keeping all the balls in the air. I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day. Best, Annie x


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