May 30, 2012

Grilled Asparagus, Dancing, and Progress

Aren't these words so true?  If you get past how you think things are supposed to be and learn to take life as it happens and make it what you want to be, it's so much easier to appreciate and enjoy your life.  

1.  Grilled asparagus.  Ridiculously easy, healthy, and so very yummy.  

2.  Our after-dinner dance parties have resumed.  The other night, I caught Aaron grooving to the music on his own.  When he caught me looking, he started to stop and get mad; but then I started dancing with him, so he giggled and kept on dancing.

3.  We placed an order for the bathroom sink, faucet, lights...  It feels good to check things off the list.  (It'll feel even better when they're installed and ready to use, but I can appreciate progress.)

And just because it's pretty...
Michelle Armas - Love, love, love her paintings


  1. wow, i love that painting too!

  2. SKF - of course I knew you would! Her paintings are gorgeous. I'm thinking of buying this print, even though I'm not sure where I'd put it.

  3. Yes, those words are SO true. Thanks for sharing them. xo

  4. Hah hah - that quote is so true - doesn't life feel SO much better when you stop and just live in the moment? Thanks for the reminder!


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