May 1, 2012

Vacation Recap

Friends, let me tell you:  This trip was a good one.  My husband is still in-between jobs, so there was no pull of the blackberry to distract him.  The weather mostly cooperated, providing us with cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons to enjoy.  We filled every precious day with fun and quality time with family.  Some highlights:

*We spent every evening at my sister's house.  Relaxing, talking, playing, eating...  It was so much fun to see our kids playing well together, making memories.  I loved giving my sister and brother-in-law an excuse to ignore their usual weekend to-do lists.
*Celebrating the completion of my sister's dissertation.  My little sister, now a doctor.  Sheesh.
*Also celebrating Kevin's birthday.  A double party, requiring cake and champagne!
*A visit to the train museum.  A fun stop for the boys to a place I had never been in my own hometown. 
*Lunch outside on the river.  A family brunch.  Cookouts and pizza and chili.  Spending time together while eating good food.
*A couple days at the beach.  The first one was a bit windy, but the second was long and relaxed and perfect.  The boys were in heaven.
*Ice cream every day.  I think my kids are starting to expect that we'll eat ice cream every day when we're on vacation.  I have decided I am okay with this.

The lowlights (let's keep it real, shall we?):
*I picked up a nasty cold my second day of the trip (along with my mom and sister), and I've been trying to fight it (ignore it) since then.  Bleh.  But I didn't let it stop me from enjoying myself!


  1. sounds fab! good for you. between job vacations are the best! i picked up a cold along the way on our travels as well and i am still trying to shake it. xo

  2. Hello! It sounds and looks wonderful. Thanks for your lovely comment - just to say your apothecary sample is winging its way across the Atlantic now :-) Enjoy!! Lou x

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time - I'm glad! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. Mary...the ocean! You lucky girl! The cold is not fun but it looks like you have some wonderful memories there.
    Loved the last shot!
    Take care..
    Jeanne xx


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