May 14, 2012

The Little Things...

Well, I guess if it has to rain, I'm glad it's happening primarily during the week.  We had a glorious weekend.  We went outside after breakfast and didn't go back in until bedtime.  The boys mostly wanted to ride their bikes and scooters, so that's what we did. 

The house is in such a state of disarray, but we're managing pretty well so far.  I keep my focus on the little areas of the house that are actually in my control, keeping them as tidy as possible.  I also find myself feeling grateful for so many of the things we have.  We've been selling and giving a lot away over the last couple weeks - how lucky we are to be in a position to do that.  I hope these things are useful and provide value to their new owners. 

I've chosen a few pictures of some of the things making me happy around the house this week. mother's day gifts.  I can't wait to put that aloe plant in my new kitchen! 

Below...our new bench for our entryway.  We searched for a really long time for this bench, and I'm so happy we finally found this one.  It's perfect for the space and really helps keep the area more organized. 
My new pillow! My mom bought me this for my birthday. It is a handmade knit sham, and it is super soft. I wanted one throw pillow for our bed and searched for a long time for something just right. I'm so happy I found it! Thanks Mom!
And last but not least...I received a gift in the mail from one of my lovely blogger friends - Louise from Lou, Boos, and Shoes.  Lou developed a line of handmade facial oils, and she recently decided to open up her own internet shop!  It has been so inspiring and fun to watch her idea grow and flourish.  I was excited to give the oil a try, and I adore it.  You might be thinking something like what my husband said when he saw it, which is "Isn't it counterintuitive to put oil on your face?"  But trust me - it's awesome!  It sinks in immediately and doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all, and the smell is amazing.  You really should go check it out - the shop is called L'Apothecary.  Thank you so much, Lou!


  1. oooh I'm intrigued by Lou's facial oil - I shall have to pop over and have a looksee. Love that you've found places of peace and happiness amongst the renovation chaos :) Have a fab week!

  2. I love this post! I'll check out that facial oil - intrigued!


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