May 7, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration and House Update

source unknown - please let me know if you know!

I want a nice wood cutting board for my new kitchen.  This year's Christmas list is going to be entirely made up of kitchen items.  I wish I was bold enough to go for colored cabinets - these blue ones are very cool, and I've seen red ones that I love too.  I just don't have the guts for it.  I love the white subway tile, and the glass-front cabinets too. 

Progress is being made quickly, which is a very good thing of course, but it also increases my stress.  We've planned and talked for so long, but when the work is actually done, it's easy to freak out and think, "Wait!  Is that the way we wanted that?  Did we talk about this?"  There's no turning back now...

As I said, things are moving pretty fast, and I haven't been taking any pictures! We were on vacation, and then it rained every single day last week. Well, I finally took a few shots over the weekend, so I can fill you in on where we stand. When I last posted, the demolition had just begun. Just a few weeks later, and the framing is almost complete! Look - we have walls!

This little spot will be a seating area on one side of the kitchen.  Can you picture a built-in bench below that window?  We're on the hunt for a light to hang down from that high ceiling over a table.  We'll also be on the hunt for a table, but one step at a time. 


  1. Oh wow, you guys are *really* renovating! Everything looks like it is coming along brilliantly :)

    I love white subway tiles, too ... we are thinking of putting them into our new kitchen when we finally get to that point (baby steps!). It's so much fun endlessly looking images for inspiration but I agree that it can get a little overwhelming and make you start to second-guess your choices ... I just figure, we loved it enough to go with it in the first place, so it will all be fine in the end :)

  2. How exciting (and stressful)!!

  3. this is so major and so exciting. wowwowwow. your house is going to be amazing!!! sidenote: the new rejuvenation website just launched today (after nearly 2 years of work) in case you need more inspiration!


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