May 23, 2012

Neighbors, Lattes, and Decisions

1.  Our neighbors.  They don't mind that our boys have claimed the entire street as their own.  The boys are particularly drawn to our next door neighbor, who is often out working in her yard.  They love riding their scooters down her driveway, and then stopping to chat and asking about the work she's doing.  I am so grateful that she seems to enjoy the company. 

2.  Medium decaf latte.  That's my usual morning order when I arrive at the office.  I'm savoring the small pleasures I get from going to an office each week, as I start to count down the days until I take a break from office time.  

3.  Decisions made.  There is so much stress in completing a home renovation.  So many decisions that must be made, second-guessed, and made again.  But with each one that we make, I know we're one step closer to completion.  


  1. And the fourth beautiful thing is the image of that lovely rhododendron.

  2. I like your list Mary. We once lived in a neighbourhood like yours, it was my favourite home, a real family home with children filling every corner, inside and out.
    I am a latte girl.. double shot, light on the out!
    Decisions...yours sounds like fun!
    Best wishes Mary..
    Jeanne xx


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