May 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

Did you all have a nice weekend?  We did, although I could have used at least 10 more degrees.  It was chilly!  I mean brrrrrrrr chilly.  But that's okay.  Some highlights:

Friday was before the chilliness set in - it was quite lovely, actually.  Sunny and temperate.  I was invited to a mother's day tea at my son's preschool, so I headed there early.  The big boy was so proud to have me in his classroom, and he kept putting his arm around me and pressing his cheek against mine.  Smiling.  I received a hand-painted flower pot complete with a flower that he planted himself.  The proof - a picture of his work - was on the front of the card.  Again, he was so proud to present me with my gifts.  Definitely a highlight of the week.  Friday night, K and I enjoyed the post-bedtime quiet talking on the front porch.

Saturday was dark and cold and very rainy.  A perfect day for baking.  The big boy helped me bake brownies and cookies for a party we attended later that afternoon.  The rain had eased off by then, and we enjoyed seeing friends and tons of kids.  Later that night, we watched "An Education".  It was very good, although a bit uncomfortable at times. 

Sunday was my day to sleep in.  My husband and I trade off - he gets Saturdays, I get Sundays.  I am usually awake, but at least I'm able to lounge in my bed for a while and ease into the day.  I got up to the smell of coffee and pancakes.  The day was spent alternating between inside and outside.  Dancing and chasing inside; swinging, biking, and chasing outside. 

The little boy is at the stage where I literally can't turn my head for a second.  He climbs on everything and is apparently fearless.  He climbed up on a little kid's picnic table we have in the playroom and proceeded to get his first bloody nose.  He screamed bloody murder for about 3 minutes and then acted like it never happened.  It was probably more traumatic for me than him.  So I guess we've officially entered the bruised and battered phase. 

I think the chilliness is going to result in colds for the boys.  The little boy was up a couple times last night, sniffling and snorting and wanting to cuddle.  I don't really like starting the week exhausted, but how many more chances will I have to snuggle and rock with my baby boy?  So I rocked and hugged and let him sleep on my chest for a while, trying to freeze the moment in my mind so I don't ever forget how warm and snuggly he is, even when he's no longer small enough to sleep on my chest.

You know what I liked about this weekend?  It was the balance.  I managed to get time with my boys, my husband, friends, and myself.  I am finding that the best weekends are those that include that kind of balance. 

Long post.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good start to the week!

*Top two images from frommetoyou, "an education" image from ny daily news, and the last is my own sweet boy (taken at just a couple weeks old - my gosh how fast he's grown!)


  1. beautiful post. they do grow so fast! so glad you had a fab weekend. i totally agree on the balance being the key to a great refreshing weekend.

  2. Hi Mary - yep you hit the nail on the head, when it feels balanced and you get some time (be it a lie in or whatever) everything looks rosier. L x


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