May 27, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

*Images via Apartment Therapy via Bliss

I've said before that I couldn't do open shelves due to my lack of pretty dishes and organizing skills.  But I do love the openness it brings to the room.  And I have some pretty dishes, and I try really hard to have organizing skills.  Maybe what we need is a combination.  Mostly regular cabinets, but with some open shelves mixed in.  I also like how the bottom of the cabinets make it look like furniture, but would all sorts of nastiness get caught under there and be impossible to clean?  Perhaps we need some trickery there.  Bottoms that looks like feet, but cabinets that don't go all the way back.  I like the green in this kitchen too.  I wonder what my husband thinks of green.  (He'll tell me as soon as he reads this.) 

Oh, I have so much fun looking at kitchens.  It often drives me crazy to think that it will be so long before we can finally renovate ours.  But I guess that gives me more time to get inspired.  By the time we are ready to go, we should know exactly what we want. 



  1. I know what you mean! first, I am also lacking in awesome dishes and awesome organization skills. also, my job is to look at pretty kitchens all day long, so it frustrated me to have to go home to green countertops!

  2. Oh also, please stop by my blog if you have a minute, I would love to hear your opinion on "what's modern now"

  3. I am so into kitchens too...I alwasy wish to have a new one...I adore this kitchen, especially the white-green combination!
    Kisses and have a great day, sweetie


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