May 4, 2010

Five Senses Weekend

We had such a fabulous weekend.  Picnic with friends, tons of time playing outside, and finally a date night!  Lots of warm sunshine and more beautiful flowers.  Now that's what I call Spring.

On our date, we went to our favorite restaurant in the city.  The one we used to go to all the time when we were newly-married and had no kids.  It was walking-distance from our place, and it's the best kind of neighborhood restaurant - great atmosphere, fabulous food, friendly service.  It was so much fun to go back.

It's amazing how much a great weekend can extend into the week.  I still feel refreshed and happy and so appreciative of all the big and little wonderful things in my life.   

- Bright blue skies
- Pink azaleas

- The big boy calling out to his friend at the playground and squealing as he ran around the yard.  I don't think he stopped running all weekend.
- Geese honking as they fly over our house
- With all the windows open, we woke to the sounds of birds singing in the trees

- The big boy's hands as I spun him around in circles in the yard
- Grass and dirty on my bare feet.  We all got really dirty this weekend.  Don't you just love getting dirty sometimes?

- Lilacs!  We have seven bushes, so the whole yard smells like lilacs right now.  Inside does, too, since I filled a vase for the dining room. 
- Food cooking on the grill. 

- Strawberry shortcake
- Lobster and goat cheese ravioli - the most important thing about this meal, though, was the fact that I didn't make it! 
- Lunch on the grill - burgers, roasted asparagus

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